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    6 Trends for Baby Nurseries

    6 Trends for Baby Nurseries

    trends for nurseriesDecorating the nursery is one of the most-exciting parts of having a baby. Of course, the big question is where do you begin when you're dealing with a blank slate? If you need some inspiration in this matter, check out the following trends for baby nurseries.

    1. Pastel Color Nursery

    Everything from crib canopies to curtains look good in pastel colors. So why not decorate the entire nursery in pastels!? Baby blue, mauve, pink, and light green are just some of the pastel colors that you can sprinkle throughout your baby's room to create a nice look.

    2. Arrows and Teepees Nursery

    teepee nurseryTeepees and arrows have been trending in home decor for a while. And this combination will create an excellent look in your baby nursery too. You can use stencils or decals to create teepees and/or arrows on the nursery wall, while of course using Native American-inspired decorations in other areas of the room too.

    3. Black, White, and Gold Nursery

    Black and white is certainly nothing new with regard to baby nurseries, or decorating in general. But splashing gold around this tried-and-true color combination is becoming more common. Gold helps keep black and white from looking too old-fashioned while providing just enough accent to bring everything together.

    modern baby nursery4. Modern Nursery

    Think that modern decorating trends only apply to sophisticated adults? Why not bring this trend into your baby's nursery too with a clear crib, light grey walls, and white dressers. This look ties in really well together if you have plenty of windows to let natural light in.

    5. Color Bursts

    If you really want your nursery to pop, use color bursts throughout the room. You can use bright red lamps, colorful animal decals, bright green dressers, and more to bring the room to life. This style especially looks good when a couple of the walls are a solid navy blue or grey.

    6. Nautical Nursery

    You don't have to go overboard here with anchors and sailboats everywhere, but a nautical-themed nursery also creates a nice look. White dressers, light grey walls, and muted pictures/frames will help you create this subtle sea theme. Of course, a few boats, anchors, and rope decorations won't hurt to complete a nautical nursery.

    3 Advantages of Baby Leggings

    3 Advantages of Baby Leggings

    baby leggingsEver since hitting retail stores in the 1960s, leggings have been in and out of fashion for decades. The most-recent revival began in the mid-2000s, and it looks like they’re here to stay for a while. Leggings have even become a fashion piece among babies, with parents sometimes buying colorful, stylish pieces to cloth their child. But baby leggings also have benefits beyond just making your kid look cute. That said, here are three advantages of baby leggings beyond style.

    1. Leggings Grow with Your Baby

    One of the biggest problems with buying cute clothes for a baby is how quickly they outgrow them. Sometimes you buy an outfit for a child, only to see them outgrow it within weeks. This is where baby leggings have an advantage, though, in that they expand with a kid. Sure they may not last for years when considering a baby’s height increase. But they at least last longer than other types of baby pants and onesies.

    2. Leggings Easily Fit Over a Baby’s Diaper

    If you’re looking to dress your baby with ease, leggings are great because they expand to go over a diaper. Nobody likes trying to stuff their baby’s diaper into non-expanding pants, which is one of the big benefits of putting on leggings. They expand, go on easy, and save you precious minutes during the day when considering how many times a baby needs to be changed.

    3. Dark Leggings Hide Stains

    We all know that babies can be messy, which is why it’s nice when you can conceal stains as much as possible. This is where dark baby leggings come in handy because they do a good job at hiding food, drink and dirt stains. The good news is that you can find black, dark brown, and navy blue leggings for cheap at most stores. And this allows you to save your cuter baby leggings for special occasions.

    Must Have Baby Items

    Must Have Baby Items

    pocket pacifierOne of the most-exciting things about babies is buying them cute clothes and accessories. After all, who doesn’t want to see an adorable baby who’s also wearing cute clothes!? Of course, as we all know, there’s more to baby items than just unique clothes because babies and their mother also need other essential things. That said, here’s a look at a few must-have baby items that any new mother can use.

    1. Chewable Jewelry

    Chewable accessories serve a dual purpose: 1) they look stylish on mothers, and 2) they give teething babies something to chew on other than their mom’s normal jewelry or shirt. Chewable jewelry comes in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and you can just take it off and wash it when you get home. What’s more is that moms can save their good jewelry for special occasions, without having to wash baby slobber off it beforehand.

    2. Pacifier Pockets

    Like chewable jewelry, pacifier pockets have many uses, beginning with keeping your pacifiers separated from other items in your purse/handbag. Actually, you don’t even have to put a pacifier pocket in your handbag because they can clip to your purse or stroller. One more advantage to these handy items is that they help you keep track of pacifiers so that you can save yourself from having to buy new ones.

    3. Bibdanas

    The obvious thing to like about bibdanas is that they catch drool from your baby and keep their clothes clean. But another benefit is that they look far more stylish than the average bandana. You can find all sorts of styles, including chevron, plaid/checkered, animals, and more.

    4. Shoes/Booties

    Babies obviously need shoes when they start walking, but what kind you buy is up for debate. Some doctors recommend that you wait on buying hard-soled shoes since they can hamper a child’s development until they’re stronger walkers. This means that you can let them wear socks indoors and booties for outdoor walking. When your child is ready for stronger shoes, it’s helpful if you opt for specialized footwear, which a salesperson can help you with.

    5. Baby Clothes

    We saved the most-obvious for last, but it’s still worth mentioning that babies need clothes. Onesies are a must-have because they’re convenient and offer a complete outfit. One-piece outfits are especially nice if they have a bottom that opens for diaper changes. When looking for shirts, it’s good to buy ones that have plenty neck room so you can easily take them on and off a baby. Leggings are another good clothing item to get because they have stretchy waistbands that fit over a baby’s belly and diaper. What’s more is that, given how quickly babies grow, leggings expand to grow with them.

    Floppy Hats for Toddlers

    Floppy Hats for Toddlers

    Floppy Hats for ToddlersFloppy hats are certainly nothing new, but they really seem to be catching on with toddlers and their parents these days. In fact, it seems like I’ve seen more toddlers in floppy hats now than at any point in time. So what exactly is driving this trend? Let’s discuss a couple of different aspects below.

    Floppy Hats are Popular Vacation Wear

    The last time that I went to the beach is when I really noticed how popular floppy hats are for children. Rather than the traditional bucket or sun hats that kids have been wearing for decades, they’ve now been replaced by floppy brims. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see less of the older sun and bucket hats because they were never really my favorites.

    A Stylish Way to protect Your Toddler from the Sun

    It’s always nice to have your child look cute. But floppy hats also provide the obvious functionality of protecting your toddler’s face from the sun. On a warm summer day at the beach or pool, this is especially important because the last thing you want to do is ruin your toddler’s vacation with a nasty sunburn.

    So if you want your kid to look stylish in the spring and summer, floppy hats are a good accessory to add to their clothing collection. And keep in mind that many of these hats have some long-lasting value because they can fit the heads of toddlers to tweens. This is especially nice when you consider that your child can pull these hats out over the years and bring up memories of great past vacations.

    Why do Baby Clothes turn Yellow?

    Why do Baby Clothes turn Yellow?

    Why do Baby Clothes turn Yellow?

    Baby Clothes Yellow StainParents are used to cleaning food and messes off their baby’s clothes. But even when you keep up with every spill, spit-up and food crumb, baby clothes have the tendency to develop yellow stains when stored. This is definitely annoying when you want to pass these clothes down to other children in the family or just have them as keepsakes. That said, let’s look at the root cause of these yellow stains and discuss how you can get rid of them.

    Protein Stains are the Culprit

    Given all the times that kids spill milk on themselves, drool and spit up, their clothes begin to form protein stains. Even when you wash these clothes and put them away for a while, the protein enzymes can still be active. And it’s these very same enzymes that create yellow stains in baby clothes while they sit in a dresser or cabinet.

    So what can You do to prevent Baby Clothes from turning Yellow?

    The course of action that you take to treat a yellow stain will depend upon the color of the outfit. For example, you can effectively remove stains from white baby clothes with hydrogen peroxide. And a convenient way to do this is by using OxiClean, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when the product is dissolved in water.

    For colored clothing, you’ll often have success by soaking it in an enzyme detergent like Arm and Hammer Essentials or Biz. But keep in mind that this is something that will take a while, so don’t soak the yellowed baby clothes for half an hour and expect the stains to be completely gone.

    Prevent Yellow Stains before they happen

    If you want to keep baby clothes from getting yellow in the first place, you might try the technique that’s discussed in the video below. Specifically, wash the clothes, wrap them in acid-free (archival) tissue paper, and put the wrapped clothes in an archival storage box.

    By following the tips listed here, you can keep those nasty yellow stains out of your baby’s clothes and preserve the memories.